Sonrisa Nepal  is a non-profit organization  it's established  in 2007. Main goal of organization is to support deprived and vulnerable children providing a shelter, health and crucial is education, then eventually make them responsible for themselves and in the community/society.

To comply with the Nepal government's rules & regulations, there are 7-member board of trustees and general members.
Very generous people from all over the world with their support is has been possible to run the organization, there are 14 Children/ adult, in 2007 children arrived at Sonrisa they are little but times flies away quickly they are group up and some of them they have completed college level education therefore we have decided to let them grow themselves too so we've reintegrated few of them, organization and those who are gone we keeping in contact they are doing good.

With the establishment of a children's home, the trustees realized that they needed to offer competitive alternatives to the already saturated market in Nepal of children's care and home provision. The children some of attend a public school located near to the home , some those who are elder  college student they attend private collages because faculty they were looking for wasn’t  available in that school.
At home the children/Adult are further afforded assistance by way of a tutoring program. In addition the children cultivate a love for the arts. Music, by way of violin and flute are taught as well traditional dance. Often the children have opportunities to entertain the community with their talents. They are often taken hiking and walking into the nature trails to stimulate their love for nature and Nepal.

Sonrisa Nepal has expanded the activities organizing the health camp (providing a medical doctors/ Nurses and medicine free health service) for villager, were are very actives right after  natural disasters  for Eg, earthquake in 2015.  But again  it wouldn’t have been possible without support from these very kind hearted people from all over the world of course medical doctors.

Sonrisa children home entire team is so grateful & thankful for those people who've contributed huge donation/fund for children home we are so excited announced that Sonrisa children home was able purchased  it's own beautiful building!