Our Project

In 2013, we were informed by the landlord that he had sold the property. This was a shock and made life very unsettling for the board, staff and children. We met with the new landlord with a shocking increase of 120%increase on our rental and only for a limited time. In July, he informed us that he intends taking occupation as from November 2014. After seven years at the current address, we moved!

It was our intention to purchase our own land outside of the valley where land is cheaper and erect a new home that best suits our needs. This is not going to come at once.
After long intensive searching we got it. WE HAVE THE NEW HOUSE! not only land within the budget. Some building adjustment was done, we are still working on it. Children have been moved in April 2017. Still we are finding a little land close to house for growing the vegetable and the raising ducks to teach children of every day duty for life. Now we are using the close land in rent.

We are saving the money for rent, some money for food as they grow vegetable, rice... Still the monthly need is around 1500 USD. From it 700-800 USD/month for food (pasta, biscuits, meat once per week, fresh milk, oil, spicy, sugar, tea...), the rest for cooking gas, electricity, salary for staff and time to time some clothes, school fee...