Sonrisa has been fortunate to have many individuals to help and support us, and we are very thankful to them. Now we are at the beginning of a new era: we have own building, and  we are still making the plans for building adjustments, new equipment.

We are saving the money for rent, some money for food as they grow vegetable, rice... Still the monthly need is around 1500 USD. From it 700-800 USD/month for food (pasta, biscuits, meat once per week, fresh milk, oil, spicy, sugar, tea...), the rest for cooking gas, electricity, salary for staff and time to time some clothes, school fee...

Additionally Lakpa is continuing the study uni (BSW) and 3 children (Bindu, Jaya, Kala) are studying "+2", Jaya science, Bindu and Kala management.

Another 4 (Dinesh, Ramesh, Kusal and Ramita) are finishing this year primary education, after S.E.E., wish successful, they have to think seriously about future. Some study? Training? It will be more expensive than current school.

The new place Kirtipur is more demanding during the winter for warm cloth. If you have at home spare autumn/winter jacket or hoodie, you can pack it with you in case of travelling to Nepal or some of your friends can pack it with them. Not big collection, it is unrealistic because of transportation, just little help drop by drop can work as well.


We are still thinking about a washing machine (at a minimum, the blankets and bed sheets have to be washed properly at a higher temperature).

Anyway you will be warmly welcomed to visit Sonrisa children. Best time is during working days before dinner when their homework is finished, or on Saturday, or during Public Holidays.