Some news of Sonrisa!

Dasain and Diwali the main festival of Nepal this year! of virus of course as everywhere else tried best  to follow the guideline,  did celebrated at home,  Receiving a  Tika (getting tika in forehead ) blessing from respected seniors,  feast delicious food.  it was perfect.

Diwali known as light festival,  was another nice home celebration but it was lots of fun as all the kids  can create a move.  Bhai Tika was conducted by Sonrisa girls.   it's a festival of lots of light and flowers, feast ,  it was fantastic everyone happy healthy.






Growing chicks to chicken

Idea of using the children free time at home bought 51 chicken cheeks,  Sadly lost 8 of them because it was too cold, we should have provide a heater from the beginning,  43 are survived, they are healthy  growing well.    it's like a co-operative  that  every kid also owner of chicken.  Each kid own one chicken ideda of using each, so when chicken grow big enough,  they can sell it and buy another chicken chicks grow and again let the lay eggs sell it either way.  They are excited to raised  chicken business things,  get benefit from it.  But they also responsible to look after them.  By the time when chicken are ready to in market all kids will be trained to be chicken man.   even the chicken coup most of maintenance by  kids boys, daily  looking after  every one take a turn. 





 Pending Year 12 exam is done

 (for 3 of  Bindu, kala and Jaya ) it's a board exam been on hold  due to Pandemic. Finally government decided to let student sit for exam in their own collage where they have been studying, if it was a normal time they wouldn't let it so.  Anyway, Bindu a girl she is a one good student  in her year 11 exam she got in 3 position among 120 student,  also she confident she has done as good in this final year 12 exam too,  the result is going to be publish in next two weeks,   she is doing a management,  her goal is to become a Chartered Accountant(CA) so she will continue studying and work to achieve it. 

She is very keen and enthusiastic and responsible.  She has been taking care of an accountability for Sonrisa since July 2020, we are very happy  with her work,  so now Sonrisa  board we have decided  hire her  as accountant,  she will be no longer kids in Sonrisa she is a part time employee there,  she has her own room within the Sonrisa,  work and study,  with her salary she will be paying for her Uni  fee.  The accountant that who was working for us was as part time he is more than happy to have Bindu in replacement.


would like to continue studying a business in the meantime he would be trying to get government job too to start with. 

He left on 12th December  for Jumla his home village,  he has only elderly edge mum at home,  so  now for him it's to responsible for  whole things,  he in village just before year 12 exam too so he is experienced village life and all the task he need solve before he join  his further study Uni.   he also like carry two things at once get work and study.   He wasn’t sure it in Jumla or back Kathmandu.


Jaya is a science student,  he had very good result marks in the secondary  that gave him an opportunity to get into science,  but he found it wasn’t easy as he anticipated,  he had passed the year 11 exam with average marks and he has done  good enough with recently final exam of year 12 too. Let's see result will publish in two weeks like other two.  He is looking for work, hope he will find something's, even it's not so easy to get one for those who has limit work experiences, and also he is a specific. He is up and down, it's because transition period makes like this we have talk quit often about upcoming event in life and deal it, and Sonrisa door is always open at any time.


 In the meantime after result comes out he is thinking to going back to home village Jumla,  where his grandfather and Uncle  are.    He is sure of that he will be studying in Kathmandu.


As these 3 are adult,  them and  Sonrisa we have had talk, about next steps Sonrisa will not be responsible for everything as before,   it's time to step by step put them in the line to become  independent.


Year 11 (4 of them Ramesh,  Dinesh,  Ramita and Saraswoti)  With the educational system they have delayed  as everyone else so to catch up ministry of education have decided to  conduct  the school exams in short cut version. So these 4 of them just finished their exam on 13 December 2020.  Right away they are back in online classes; the college has announced that they will run a class in the college from the beginning of 2021.


There are 5 of them Wonchhu, Saraswoti  Budha, Anisa and santosh they are  in lower secondary school, they have studying online class as well,  online class in Nepal is new things it started after pandemic, it's  not so effective but better than nothings.  Their school has sent notice that it will be open regular school,  with beginning of the new  year 2021 too.   They are keen to be back in regular school, hope they will not trade the virus, as it's still around,  at the moment the spreading rate  it,s bit slowed down.  Test they are doing is more less same numbers and they finding infected is bit low number.


Phula is  a boy 18 years old, he has been in Sonrisa from the beginning which 14 years.  Him and his two other sibling Lakpa a girl she became independent last year who is going good, studying living with her partner,  Wonchhu is Phula,s younger brother  who is in lower secondary.   Anyway, Phula  has not been the best  Sonrisa family member nor  good student  in school,  quit often he get into issues in school or at home,   these 14 years,  we have tried our best to make him a good quality person as others,  offering a same opportunities as others but he didn’t value it. Not really into study, so, as he is a young adult man.  His sister Lakpa and his older brother Mingma talking with them decided send their village where their parents left some property it's automatically comes to their children including Phula, Lakpa  Mingma and Wonchhu, as he said not a problem for him to go back to home village so he is in village, good thing that his Uncle and Aunt are in  village.  so far he is doing well , helping uncle farm living  in village daily life.   We have said that if he develops from his inner heart /genuinely to continue study we are more than happy to get the shoulder.


Benefit of having the Green houses.

We are very pleased with it because growing  a lots fresh vegetables not using any chemicals,  advantage of having  green house is that it's possible to grow non seasonable vegetables and  plants too,  

in terms of health vegetable that we grow in the greenhouse so good,  because is chemical free but that vegetables available in the market that has been used chemical fertilizer to grow quantity and look better.

When there are more than we need tried to sell the product but we haven't found the right way.  but we share with neighbors keep them happy!

on top good things about the green house that children most of them learnt so many  things to grow vegetable fruits. 


  We have talked about using Sonrisa septic tank waste as fertilizer; we have composted more than 3 month now, its ready diluted with water to use it in the farm. 

Chicken poop also good fertilizer to use in the garden.

Project for Change

A group MBA student from King's college base in Kathmandu  offered  us a  day hike and Picnic for sonrisa kids it was just after year12 exam was done just before start of year 11 exam  it was right in time,  has  lots of fun hiking up in the nature picnicked also there was included fun games  it was beautiful right in the nature,  it was so refresh  for kids after many month to get away from home. 

Huge thanks to Project for change team .

So grateful and gratitude Sonrisa its been so many years, children in sonrisa and all of us sonrisa team wouldn’t have been able to function at all without all of your love and compassions and contributing so much.