Sonrisa lockdown Period

Covid 19 lockdown,  as it was & still all over the world,  in Nepal it has started  on 22nd of March 2020, and in between it was lifted up, again the spreading numbers increased so badly therefore government decided to re-lockdown again, hope the situation goes down  soon, not only Nepal all over the world.

We hope the friends and supporters of Sonrisa children home everyone healthy and safe at this time. 

The pandemic has created uncertainty, scary, worry and challenging to the whole world also it might have taught a lot of good things too.    

In Nepal obviously educational institution are still remaining closed,  Sonrisa children home Kids are all  safe at home,   their study  situation is   that 3 of them year 12 in college had schedule board exam in end of April has been postponed still no clue when it will be conducted and 4 other are year 11 college also they had scheduled exam in April as well but just no long ago ministry of Education has decided that now they can continuous to year 12,  because in terms of academically year 11 student exam is not as crucial as year 12.

(S.E.E)Secondary Education Examination Kriti she was only one this for candidate it's counts very important board exam but since it wasn’t possible to conduct so again ministry of Education decided proceed ahead with school internal evaluate,  she has passed in Grate B+  did pretty good happy for her.  Other 6 are still class 6, 7, 9 and 10. 

Dinesh, Ramesh, Ramita and Kusal 4 of them they did passed their S.E.E (Secondary Education Examination) Kusal's family and sonrisa we are had a meeting he was good be re integrated so he is with his family he is doing college too and Lakpa eldest a girl  in sonrisa she and we agreed to that she starts a new move to become independent, she  has cousin sister living in Kathmandu she is with her and studying (BSW) bachelor in social work.  As everyone else her exam also has been postponed.

So there are 14 children at Sonrisa, when situation ease up then some them those are in year 12 we are expecting to reintegrated them too. 

In between when  lockdown was up lifted during this time  we decided to build  bamboo greenhouse, there are 4 of them  basically the leasing  land next to Sonrisa is covered, it was good concept,  started to build  from the  scratch, bought fresh green bamboo, got delivered  in a small truck it wasn’t enough then got more  later on,   It's already growing vegetables some fruit  plants and herbs so on.

A good thing of having a greenhouse It can be grown all year around,   also not using any chemical fertilizer we have got some Organic fertilizer to start with and we have a project to that Sonrisa septic tank is pretty big for requirement for many kids, when it gets filled up we used to get a truck to come and empty it but since it is a big septic, the truck had to do 2 or 3 trips to make it completely empty, so doing some research what agro expertise says, as their Ref: we are also going to treat it and used it  in the  farm fertilizer, it sounds absolutely YAKI…. but we have  already small portion for experiment and it is looking  good. 

Separated it and store in container at least 90 days then mix it up 1=4 time water then use it.  Just have started hope it will work well if not then we will be stop using it,

Whole purpose of having greenhouse is self-subsidies also Kids can learn more growing vegetables and dealing with soils and so on.

During the first phase of  lockdown period Sonrisa website's Domain has expired, then somebody got the domain  it won't  work anymore with  old website add ,  new one is:-